Easy Steps For Packing The Garage

One of the hardest decisions we will ever make and endure is moving. The task always starts off with looking for where to move and all of the information that you do have to obtain and understand about a new location. The next step is packing up the house, you could spend some money out of your pocket to get professionals to come in and do this for you, or you can do this on your own and save needed money. The one area that is usually the most forgotten and sometimes a little scattered is the garage. This is going to be a guide for you to tackle this without working up to much of a sweat!

First step on this journey is to sort what you want to keep and what you can make some extra cash at a yard sale! Take your time but do not get into the attachment faze, do you really need that weed eater anymore if you are going to be living in a condo or an apartment? Make two different sections. A section to keep and a section you are willing to sell, donate to a charity organization, or just simply give it away. Make sure to tag items with a tag showing how much you want to sell the item for.

Second step is getting your much needed supplies! You will want to get cardboard boxes, you can get an array of sizes to fit what you have in the garage. The next is good strong moving tape to tape up the cardboard boxes with and also some bubble wrap, old newspapers, and even packaging sheets are great to wrap your valuables you plan to keep up with. The next is blankets, most movers provide these for larger items. All of these items are used to protect your items on the move.

Your third step will be to make sure that you are not packing anything hazardous, most moving companies are not allowed to move things such as gas, paint, pesticides, fertilizer, chemicals, propane tanks, and any other dangerous or flammable material. When you are considering this one tip is if you are wanting to move a gas powered piece of equipment such as a lawn mower make sure to empty the gas and oil out of the unit by how your state law finds applicable.

The next step is packing your items the right way to save space and time. If you have small hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, etc. make sure these are stored in a toolbox and securely closed. The smaller items that may have blades on them you would want to wrap lightly in bubble wrap and place in an appropriate sized box. Larger garden tools such as shovels, rakes, and hoes can be tied together with rope or even zip tied together for safer moving. Power tools travel much better in their original boxes if you have them if not wrap with wrapping paper or bubble wrap, then place in an appropriate sized box.

The final step is to make sure you label your boxes! One of the easiest methods is write on the box what is the contents and if it is fragile, if it is make sure to label as such in big letters. The boxes you are selling could be labeled 'garage sale' or 'yard sale' the donations you could simply label it as that. The garage should be the first room to pack not the last because you are inventorying what you want to keep and what you do not.